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Working Committees

Although the Association has a paid staff who looks after the office administrative issues and executes the decisions taken by the Board, the Association needs its members' support on a voluntary basis.  This is achieved through the work various Committees

Each Committee assumes one of the various fields of the multi-faceted work of the Association so that the work that needs to be done, is delegated to the committees so that it is done effectively and efficiently.  We encourage our members to belong to one of these Committees since this helps them to feel as an important part of the work done for the good of our profession but also since this promotes the group spirit and collaboration between the members.

The present Work Committees were established at the Association's general meeting on 25/9/2010.
  • To view the list of the Work Committees and the names of the members comprising them, cllick here.
  • To view the guidelines in which the Committees operate click here.







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